The UK is being urged to go nuts for the environment by swapping burgers for bags of nuts on Tuesday October 22nd 2013 to celebrate National Nut Day.


October 22nd is well-established as National Nut Day in the USA and the organisers want Britain to ‘go nuts’ in the same way!


This year’s focus is on switching to nuts to help the environment.  If we in the UK eat less meat and highly processed veggie foods – our planet will benefit. This will keep a lid on greenhouse gasses and won’t use up our valuable land resources.


For people who already eat plenty of meat and dairy products such as most people in rich countries, nuts and ‘nutty’ legumes – like Brazil nuts, cashews, peanuts and walnuts - are a good nutritional alternative to meat says Dr Donal Murphy-Bokern, independent agri-environmental scientist and author of several studies on food system impacts.  


Nuts are the ultimate food: nutritious and delicious.


Now, we’re calling on all you nutty people to get creative and stir up a fuss in the kitchen!


To celebrate National Nut Day we’re asking you to send in your favourite recipes, whether a starter, a main course or a desert (hey, it could event be a cocktail if you’re feeling adventurous) - the only rule is that it must contain nuts!


The winner will receive a hamper full of Fairtrade and nutty goodies, and your recipe will be published here and on the Liberation website for all fellow nut-lovers to enjoy.


The first 20 people to send in recipes will also receive some free bags of Liberation’s Fairtrade nuts!


For information on how to enter, visit www.facebook.com/liberationnuts


Good luck!



Go nuts with us on the UK's fourth ever National Nut Day - October 22nd 2013.

We are celebrating nuts as the nutritious, delicious and environmental heroes of the food world. Nuts give you protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. They make your hair shine and your skin glow - many reasons to celebrate National Nut Day 2013!




Who are we?


The UK National Nut Day is run by Liberation Foods. We are the UK’s only farmer-owned Fairtrade nut company.

We have the support of some fantastic organisations including Sustain, The Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society.